Vieira & Quádrios is proud to present a new machinery section available to our customers. You can consult it through the following link and consult the first machine that we have to offer, except if it’s sold:


Feel free to contact us, we are here to help!

Vieira & Quádrios – Montagens e Reparações de Máquinas Têxteis, Lda. offers the following machine to its customers and other interested parties:

Trutzschler Silo;

This equipment is available except if it’s sold. You can find out more about this and other machines by contacting us.

Vieira & Quádrios welcomes you in the Spring (starts today and ends on June 20th) with a strictly equipped offer. At height of cleanings and upgrades, we have available, except if it’s sold, the following equipment:

Electro-Jet Cleaner;

Contact us if you want to know more about any machine available at Vieira & Quádrios, or if you want to “clean” your existing equipment.

Vieira & Quádrios highlights the importance of this day and celebrates it with a special offer:

Hacoba Winder.

You can learn more about our products and services on our website or by contacting us without any commitment.

On this Freedom of Information Day, you have the right to know everything and to know our new machine:

Rieter Opener;

Contact us so we can clarify this and other Vieira & Quádrios equipment.

Vieira & Quádrios hereby offers its customers the following machine:

-Marzoli Distributor (Datasheet);

This equipment is available except if it’s sold.

Vieira & Quádrios disposes not only of Industrial Textile Machinery, but also of its “Accessories“.

Today, we highlight and introduce in our site, another accessory, that is available, except if it’s sold:

-Trutzschler Silo > Datasheet.

Vieira & Quádrios – Montagens e Reparações de Máquinas Têxteis, Lda. has a new machine at the disposal of its clients:

Rieter C50 Card;

Contact us to know more information about this equipment or all that Vieira & Quádrios can do for you!

Monday means a new week, but here at Vieira & Quádrios it also means a new machine:

-Rieter B5-5 Opener > Datasheet.