Vieira & Quádrios – Montagens e Reparações de Máquinas Têxteis, Lda. offers the following machine to its customers and other interested parties:

Trutzschler Silo;

This equipment is available except if it’s sold. You can find out more about this and other machines by contacting us.

You can already consult on our website, in addition to all the machines that we have at your disposal, the Marzoli C601-N Card.

See the respective Datasheet here.

In the new section “Dyeing Machines, we already have the Yarn Hidro available.

See here!

From now on, you can consult our new section for “Accessories” of Industrial Textile Machinery (see here). For the moment, we have available a Silo of the brand Trutzschler, BE model. We will have more news in the next few days, but if you want an efficient and tailor-made solution, contact us and we will do everything to meet your needs.


Two new Opening Line Machines are already available on our website. These equipments also represent two new ranges that we have available to our customers.

-Trutzschler Separator, Dustex Model > Datasheet;

-Trutzschler Condenser, STAEND LVSA model > Datasheet;

You can consult the other Opening Line Machines at

We are always available through our contacts.

Vieira & Quádrios – Montagens e Reparações de Máquinas Têxteis, Lda. wishes all customers, suppliers and employees a Happy Year of 2018!

We have introduced two more machines this week, available to our customers. You can check the news on the Opening Line Machines page:

-Trutzschler Loader (Datasheet);

-Hergeth Opener (Datasheet);

Feel free to contact us and stay tuned for more news!