Today, in the 21st century, what is being lived is a world based on many challenges, major transformations and a constant search for excellence that aims at quality in everything that is done. The process of globalization that marked the last decades has made the market increasingly competitive, and in order to win, it is necessary to persevere, modernize, refine and diversify both in terms of products and services that each company can make available.

Throughout nearly three decades of history, VIEIRA & QUÁDRIOS has built up a solid reputation as a specialist in the assembly and repair of textile machinery, both domestically and internationally, as well as representing significant brands in the textile market. The experience gained over the years has given us strength, dynamism and motivation to face the future as a witness to innovation and quality of service

In this way, we will invest all efforts and implement the most correct measures to continue to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the new ones, especially those that we anticipate conquering, from the result of our work project.

Such objectives do not leave us exempt from the responsability for the practice of the ethical and moral values that have always determined us as a serious and recognized company in the whole market.

In summary, we want to continue to thrive and develop new projects, with a renewed willingness to face new challenges, transforming the obstacles of globalization into surplus value for the whole organization. We are excited about this new phase of modernization that begins and we believe that the best is yet to come.

I am extremely grateful and pleased to have the opportunity to lead this company in its evolutionary journey, as well as the team I have to assist in the whole process.

I take this opportunity to thank all our customers, employees and suppliers for their loyalty, trust and support.

José Quádrio

Rebordões, October 2017

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